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Fishing Report
April 7, 2014
Date: 03/30/14 2nd Day fishing this year...my father was up from Southern TN to visit so we decided to get my boat out for the first time this year, fished Saturday the 29th, fished the Ottawa pool, caught one Walleye in 5hrs. Decided to check out the Starved Rock pool on Sunday since they MWC Walleye tournament was going on. Saw the weigh in results from the first day and they were catching fish. Water Temps were 42-44 depending on where you were fishing. Fishing in the flats area just west of the Starved Rock boat ramp (past the bridge) were there was about 50-100 boats fishing this area on both sides of the river. There wasn't one pattern that dominated, saw many people pulling rigs with stick baits on them, and also vertical jigging. We caught 4 Walleye, two keepers and two shorts and missed a few others. Both keepers came on jigs rigged with Berkley power bait grubs and Gulp minnows 3". The two shorts came on rigs pulling Rapala floating stick baits. Both my Dad and I lost fish on rigs and both lost a fish on jigs. The bite was the best in the morning, in the afternoon it died down. Overall was good fishing, hope to get back out soon!
Catch Report
CatchSpeciesLure/BaitBrandWeight (lb)Length (inches)
3WalleyeStick BaitRapala216
4WalleyeStick BaitRapala113

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